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2022 Historic West Redding Ornament

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Own this beautiful piece of Redding history! Redding resident, James Nicoloro snapped the photo we used for this ornament, and he added this caption on social media: "For me, this building has always been a symbol of Redding’s character. It was the town’s train station. As many times as I’ve crossed the tracks, one way or the other, that white structure always made me think of Mark Twain. It was the first place Twain experienced when he arrived here from Grand Central; a little after six pm on June 18, 1908. He would see his new home Stormfield for the first time. I’ve always thought it the perfect place to showcase the towns history. Twenty months later, Twain passed away (April 21, 1910) and his casket was loaded onto a train here, bound for Grand Central and the Brick Church for viewing. His final destination was Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, New York. He would be buried with his wife Livy, his son Langdon and two of his daughters, Suzy and Jean. Jean died at Stormfield on Christmas Eve, four months before her father."
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