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Welcome to Redding Neighbors & Newcomers

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Social Groups

Our Social Groups meet on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Please RSVP to events so that we know how many people will be attending. See the profiles below to learn about each group.

To view and RSVP to upcoming events and meetings, see the calendar.

Book Club

Coordinators:  Nina Heller and Marjorie Derven

Book Club usually meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Join us to discuss a great book, share refreshments and socialize a bit! Each month we hold our meetings at a member’s home or a local restaurant. The host provides light refreshments.

As always, we welcome anyone who loves to read. Please join us for our discussion. Remember you can use your library card at any Fairfield County Library to check out this month’s selection.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

For more information including upcoming books, please click here.


Coordinators: Elisa Blackman Nancy Pinto

Haven’t played Bunco before? No worries! Bunco is a dice game requiring no skill and offers an abundance of entertainment and an enjoyable evening of mixing and meeting new members and friends. The club meets the first Wednesday of the month.

Prepare yourself for a relaxing evening of drinks, snacks and rolling the dice. The game is played with groups of 4 ladies per table who rotate tables each round. For $13 ($3 for LCR and $10 for Bunco) take your chances by rolling the dice and win money by being the “biggest winner” or having the “most Buncos”. Our “biggest loser” will also go home with a cash prize.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Coffee Hour

Coordinator: Pamela Friedman

Need a break from the daily grind? Then our monthly Coffee Hour is just for you! Join fellow RNN members for a dose of caffeine or hydration as we meet up to socialize at various coffee joints and eateries. Coffee Hour is typically held late morning at local establishments.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Cooking Club

Coordinator: Denise Cesareo

The Cooking Club is a group of Redding Neighbors and Newcomers members who want to share great recipes and great food. We gather one Tuesday a month at a member’s home or nearby location to try out new recipes and bond over a home-cooked meal. It is a fun new way to socialize with neighborhood friends.

The purpose of the clubs is to bring people together for an evening of eating and camaraderie. The plan is simple: prepare your dish at home and bring it that evening with an overview on how you created the dish and what you liked or disliked about the recipe. Along with helpful hints or secret additions you made to the recipe. Be sure you have enough for everyone to sample.

The Cooking Club is held at a member’s home who has volunteered for that evening. There are no requirements a home needs to meet in order to volunteer. We meet every August to plan out the 12 month calendar (September through July). At this meeting we choose a theme for each month as well as having a member volunteer their home.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Movies With Friends

Coordinator: Janice Stauffer

If you enjoy seeing movies on the big screen with friends, popcorn and discussion about the movie afterwards then this club is for you. This group of men and women have lively conversations about the plot, acting and worthiness. The movie is announced 1 week ahead when the movie schedule is confirmed. Come join us for a few hours of removing yourself from your responsibility and treat yourself.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Guys Night Out

Coordinator: Elisa Blackman

Welcome all Gentlemen! The second Friday of the month RN&N hosts a guys night out tournament style poker evening. Come perfect your Texas Hold’em skills! There is a one-time $20 buy in fee for the evening. First and second place as well as last place take home a cash prize.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Happiest Hour Out

Coordinator: Janice Stauffer

The Happiest Hour Out club meets monthly in the evening where we enjoy the local bar and restaurants for appetizers and beverages with socializing galore. The HHO usually lingers for many hours of fun, laughter and conversation. Please join us for a casual evening of merrymaking!

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Ladies Night Out

Coordinator: Pamela Friedman

Ladies Night Out is exactly that: a Night OUT specifically for the ladies! Take a break from everyday responsibilities & running around all month for a fun night of dining & socializing. The ladies typically meet up for cocktails or other beverages and great food at local eateries and watering holes. Occasionally other fun activities are planned.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.


Coordinator: Jessica Reisch

American mahjong, also spelled mah jongg, is a variant of the Chinese game mahjong. Mahjong is a tile based game of strategy and skill that is enormously popular. The goal of the game is to be the first, by picking and discarding, to match one's tiles to a specific hand from the annually distributed scorecard.

We will be meeting at different members' homes twice a month (at night). The first meeting will be for those who know how to play and do not need any assistance (questions are ok). We will be playing for money on this night only – save your quarters and nickels! The second monthly meeting will be open to everyone who wants to play or learn to play.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

Wine & Dine

Coordinator: Autumn Bailey and Tami O'Connor

Our Wine & Dine Social Group takes pride in fostering a warm and welcoming environment where members can forge meaningful connections. Share stories, swap recommendations, and engage in spirited conversations as you discover new vintages, explore different cuisines, and uncover hidden gems in the culinary world. It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and celebrate the art of indulgence together.

Members interested in attending should RSVP via the calendar.

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